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A Home story 1

A Home story 1

In ancient times, a group of heroes sailed away from home in search of the fabled Golden Fleece. Like the Argonauts, we travel the world in search of adventure.

The ship Argo sailed to distant shores with its crew of heroes. Their quest, given by a king, was to find the fabled Fleece and bring it back with them. On their way, they tracked down most fearsome foes and used their weapons to protect each other. Six-armed men, giants, dragons and other monsters were vanquished by them. They discovered new lands, and sailed through turbulent waters. Upon obtaining the Golden Fleece, however, rather than hurry home, they continued their voyage. It took them much longer to sail home and they discovered many lands on their way. The voyage itself had become the goal; the adventure of discovery was more appealing.

Like the crew of Argo, we too are explorers. We search for the marvels of the world, and we explore new lands everyday.

Written by The_Weaver for Home-Guild.

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