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Home on FFXIV!

Hi, the Home guild is right now as well active on Final Fantasy XIV!

Furthermore, we sadly enough were not able to pick Home as our free company name and are currently going by the name Gentleman Bastards.
It wasn’t my personal choice but from the majority of the guild wanted it to be that way
before I was even able to enter back in the game to name the free company something else.
Also, didn’t expect people of the guild wanting to play FFXIV and it’s even active.

When questioning, what does Home do in Final Fantasy XIV?
Currently, we are preparing for the Shadowbringers expansion and are supporting our less progressed members
to get to the end of the Bloodstorm expansion. So they could join us on the new adventure of Eorzea!

Later on today the application area for FFXIV will be added if you are searching…
Oh well, a new page in general for applications.

Kind regards,


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