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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Home stand for?

Heroes Of Many Expeditions.

Why the strict recruiting?

Not everyone who joins our guild has good intentions nor does everyone have the ability to get along. With strict recruiting, we want to ensure that our future members are good and reasonable people.

What is your guild approach to alliances for Ashes of Creation?

We currently don’t see the point of making alliances of a game that isn’t any near close to release. Since building bounds by actions will last longer and bring more value than just words. However, we still strive to bond with other guilds in the meantime.

Why is Home semi-hardcore?

Like every guild in MMORPG’s, there are always some elitists among the crowd. Within Ashes of Creation, a game that isn’t available yet, it’s hard to observe who will be the ones pushing themselves to the limit, those who aim to get the best gear, highest dps, dungeon completion, and more. Here at Home, we know that a journey can mean different things to different people, and we want to make sure that we facilitate each person’s unique experience. For some, their journey can be a pilgrimage of self-discovery and learning, while others relish the hard work it takes to go from being a struggling novice, to the glory of being a master. We welcome any playstyle!

What does Home aim for within Ashes of Creation?

Home aims for dungeon completions, finding hidden secrets in the world of Verra, guiding and training people for every aspect within the game. We are planning to release our fresh discoveries of PvE and PvP content on this website, so expect incoming blogs.

Hi, I'm applying with some friends, could they join?

Currently, we are not accepting groups of 4 or more. If you want to discuss this matter contact Harue#0801