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What is Heroes Of Many Expeditions?

Every guild aims to gain power, while they are doing so, speeding up the progress and multiply their members seems to the main focus for them. Aren’t you then missing in terms a lot of the MMORPG experience by meaning there is more out there…
Why not take it slow, and gain knowledge?

What is Home?

Home is classed as a European-based, semi hard-core, PvX guild. We are not role-players, although we may sound like it! Here at Home, we spend time voice chatting and just chilling out in our Discord channels. You will always feel like a part of a family, because every evening there will be some friendly people online in voice chat to hang out with, share information with, or get advice from. We are an exploration-orientated guild, so you will be with friends as you explore never before seen places and collect knowledge about your world. Our family shares the thrill of the adventure and the knowledge they collect with each other, so that as a whole, we are greater than the sum of our parts.


Though other guilds may rise and fall, Home remains the same.

Here at Home, we know that a journey can mean different things to different people, and we want to make sure that we facilitate each person’s unique experience. For some, their journey can be a pilgrimage of self-discovery and learning, while others relish the hard work it takes to go from being a struggling novice, to the glory of being a master.

Our success

Home was founded by a collection of people with the same interests, and they formed a family, founded by communication. Our tight-knit community is important to us, we prefer to grow slowly, and ensure a good-quality experience for our members.

Our Goal

Our goal is not the end result – instead, it is the journey towards the final destination. We see other guilds aiming to gain power, getting places as fast as possible and adding as many members as they can. We believe that they are missing out on a lot of the MMORPG experience by only focusing on these things.

The main goal is to collect information throughout the world, may it be concerning history or geography, writing storybooks or maps. A great part of our time is dedicated to exploration and adventuring, where information is, and we try to establish commercial roads between cities and villages throughout the world. Most of them don’t especially love adventures, but seek knowledge in the past and try to understand the world. Those who are dedicated to exploration have developed a good knowledge of adventuring but are especially skilled in finding hidden paths, or getting information wherever they are.

"I've been active in this guild for some time now and i would like to post my impression of the Home Guild here. In general, they are very mixed bunch, no matter what age or origin they also have everything. Home is also a very diverse guild, they recruited multiple people who are on the spectrum and i think that is very admirable. They have pretty different tastes in game, from shooters to strategy, from rpgs to tabletop there is at least one person who likes it, and obviously they all play mmos. A lot of fun times were had, and i look forward to spend the coming months and hopefully years with them."

- Phoon

"Well they're the most active and friendly guild I've ever been in, so that's nice. We all bully each other in a friendly manner, so it's nice in the kind of real friendly way, instead of people being weirdly stoic and polite like it is in some guilds. It's really refreshing. Plus, everyone's chill so that's a plus. It's always felt like a welcoming place for everyone."

- Avidya

"In Heroes Of Many Expeditions you can find very friendly atmosphere and lot of fun playing games or just chatting. Members of the guild are quite diverse group, which welcomes everyone open handed and is ready to help you if you need it. Harue is cool leader who listen to people and can take a joke. I really enjoy spending time with this group, because I found here everything I wanted from guild. If you join us you will never feel like you are alone, you will feel like you are finally HOME."

- Gortavaro

"I recommend this guild if you love exploring and they take everything slowly so you can experience the game to fully about what the game offers not only best gear or levelling and they are friendly!"

- Xiwic

"Sounds interesting. I haven't seen many guilds like this yet."

- Ira

So, i have been with the guild for some time now, and the community is ok, still need working on the edges, but the the thing that i respect the most is the leader. When it comes to technical issue he was there to help me, not only once but many times, so he has own me respect, so Harue is a good leader.

- Beyond

"So I've been in this guild for a good year now and I must say it's a fun community. There are no strict rules, everyone is really chill so it's not difficult to fit in. Usually when we all get in voice chat we all have a great time, just making jokes and all that. Would definitely recommend if you are a little laid-back, like me ;)"

- Mashingduck

"Home has managed to build a very friendly community and a well structured leadership, a true gaming home. Everyone is eager to help and have a chat at any time. Personally i enjoy myself spending time with these people"

- Nightsonggr

"Really nice people and a really nice community. Very social and very active I've been in this guild for a long time and most of the time the people are funny and nice and really helpful most times."

- Tobbewarman

What Could It Mean For You?

When you join Home, you will gain not only a group of friends, but a family. The guild will support you in your journey, offering you teaching, knowledge and companionship, as well as walking beside you on the path you choose to take. If you have reached the end of one journey, the guild can help you to begin on a new one. If you think you can provide any of these services to other members of the guild, you will be welcomed with open arms. In return, we only ask that you treat other members with respect, carry out our seal with pride and dignity, and behave in a way that gives the guild the reputation it deserves. Sometimes, the guild may need your help for matters such as gathering items, couriering items, exploration, scouting, or coming to the aid of other guild members who are in trouble. We ask that you respect this, because the guild would do the same for you.

Whatever your path may be, you do need not walk it alone. To join Home is to gain, a network and a group of friends. We Home offers aid, teaching, training, companionship and in some instances, to help you on your path. Equally, we seek members to aid the guild in providing these services. If one path has come to an end, Home can aid you in finding a new.
In turn, Home asks, that you carry our seal with pride and behave in a manner, that does not belittle the guild. Crime and ill intent will not be tolerated. At times, the guild may call upon you, to aid in guild business. This can include odd jobs on behalf of the guild, such as couriering, scouting, exploration or gather certain items. Similarly the guild may call on you to aid other members of the guild on their path or if they are in trouble.

⬜ We at Home offer our members
the following perks:

◻️ Being able to play games together, we got people of all interests.
◻️A social environment, not only in Ashes of Creation.
◻️ Offering aid, teaching, training, companionship.
◻️ A family feeling

Our members have the following package:

◻️ Language: English, even if you come from somewhere else.
◻️ Friendly: We want to make friends, not the opposite.
◻️ Be social: A part of being in a social guild comes from YOU
‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏‏‎  ‏- do not be shy to ask for help or to start a conversation.

Yes, we have an open Discord now compared to the past.
Since silent days are upon us, having people to chat with is always lovely.


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